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Henan Hongtai Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in May 2002. The company is located next to National Highway 311 in Zhangji Township, Taikang County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, 2 kilometers away from Shangzhou Expressway, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Hongtai boiler has a garden style The factory has a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, including 16,000 square meters of standardized main engine production workshop, 1,000 square meters of office area, 25 licensed technicians, 2 senior engineering and technical personnel, and 20 chief engineering assistants and various professional and technical personnel. Provide guarantee for the design and production of qualified boiler and pressure vessel products.
    Hongtai boiler main products: electromagnetic steam boiler, electromagnetic hot water boiler, electromagnetic steam generator, oil and gas steam boiler, oil and gas vacuum hot water boiler, oil and gas atmospheric hot water boile

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 Graphic trademark registration certificate

    Graphic trademark registration certificate

 Enterprise Certification (Tianyan Cha)

    Enterprise Certification (Tianyan Cha)



Safety and green decoration
Safety & energy saving

Every product of Hongtai Boiler has been carefully designed to ensure that quality design requirements are met. It uses professional boiler strength and thermal software for calculation and simulation to maximize the reliability, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and safety of your equipment for peace of mind.


Repeat inspection layers of checks
Quality Assurance

Hongtai Boiler products have passed the third-party inspection and strengthened the manufacturing and installation procedures under the premise of ensuring product performance, optimizing the product's ease of use and automation control, and promoting continuous improvement of quality.


Category range to create a comfortable living space
Hongtai Boiler low nitrogen boiler

The abundant product resources of Hongtai Boiler is the magic weapon of Hongtai Boiler Galloping Market. For many years, we are committed to the manufacture of natural gas low-nitrogen steam boilers and low-nitrogen condensing vacuum hot water boilers. We will provide you with ideal and satisfactory products.


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
Hengan Service Excellence

Hongtai Boiler is led by its excellent product quality and excellent service system. It develops and manufactures professional low-nitrogen boiler environmentally friendly combustion technology, and introduces condensing low-nitrogen boilers and pressure vessel equipment.



Hengan Boiler in the first quarter of 2019, fuel gas product

Hengan Boiler in the first quarter of 2019, fuel gas product

Hengan Boiler in the first quarter of 2019, fuel gas products shipped busy,Some products of Hengan boiler in shipment...



Natural gas steam boiler low nitrogen installation

Detailed introduction of low nitrogen gas steam boiler   1. The burner of the gas steam boiler is supplied by a high-quality manufacturer and automatically burns and stops according to the controller's instructions. The independent progra...




Gas low nitrogen steam boiler features

The low-nitrogen steam boiler is very clean, environmentally friendly and ultra-low emission concept. The equipment has small resistance and full corrugated furnace design during operation. It extends the radiation heating surface to a certa...


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